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Welcome to your Noddle Help Hub, where you can find information on everything from what your credit report actually is and how to improve your score, to protecting your details from fraudsters and how to find the right type of credit for you.

Over the next couple of months we're going to be adding lots more information to these pages, so watch this space!

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If you're looking for answers to questions like 'how often is my credit report information updated?' or 'what should I do if there's incorrect information on my report?', check out our FAQs.

Your Noddle Credit score and report

Find answers to common questions about our service, such as 'what's in a credit report?' and 'why does my credit score and report matter?'.

Taking control of your finances

Learn how to improve your credit score and report, how to manage debt and other useful financial tips to help you better manage your money

Protecting against identity theft and fraud

Noddle works with organisations like Cyber Aware and Cifas to raise awareness of identity theft and fraud. Find out what the risk is, how to protect yourself using your credit report, as well as other simple techniques, and what to do if you’ve been a victim of fraud.

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Cards and loans

Do you ever find yourself asking ‘how to do I find the best credit card for me?’, ‘what sort of loan should I get?’ or ‘which type of credit is best for my needs?’? We’ve got answers to these common questions to help you find the right credit card or loan based on your eligibility and to understand all of the industry jargon.

Moving home

Whether you’re looking to buy a house in the future or you’re already getting your finances in order for your mortgage advisor, checking your credit report is important. Discover how to get through the home buying process and get the property of your dreams with our guides and useful tips.