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Why it’s good to Noddle

Having free and unlimited access to your credit report and score lets you know where you stand, and gives you the information you need to make better decisions about the things you want, such as:

  • Getting a mortgage
  • Choosing a brand new car
  • Starting a mobile phone contract
  • Paying for insurance in instalments
  • Finding great deals to suit you

Or if you’re just interested to know what’s in your credit report.

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Our users take control of their credit score.

Over 2 million people already rely on Noddle to give them the bigger picture about their credit score. Here’s how we’ve made a difference to just a few:

Having checked my credit report with Noddle, the details are perfect! Noddle looks like what a credit referencing agency should be. I went on to look at their monitoring service and it is much cheaper than competitors so have signed up.

Alistair Nicholls

I joined Noddle to check for anything adverse. To my horror, I found a default recorded by a former bank which shouldn’t have been there. It’s lucky I found out and am now well placed to get the error amended and my credit history restored. Noddle is very easy to use.

Anita Wallas

I had money issues after a messy divorce that ended with me declaring bankruptcy. Noddle helped me see how bad it had got. And now my credit score is climbing and all is good. Noddle was a big part of that.

B Weller


Who is Noddle?


Noddle is a trading name of Callcredit Consumer Limited part of Callcredit Information Group. Callcredit, one of the UK's three credit reference agencies, provides information about your credit history to lenders and companies. Our service gives you free and unlimited access to the same information lenders request from Callcredit.


More than 2 million people are active users of our service, and enjoy free access to their credit reports and scores whenever they like. We don’t collect or share any other personal details with third parties without your permission.


Noddle takes information security and privacy very seriously. We value the trust and confidence that you place with us to secure your personal and financial details. Noddle implements independently assessed security controls, using industry best standards, to ensure that your data is protected from the moment you share it with us.

Frequently asked questions

What does free for life mean?

This means you'll have access to your credit report for as long as we're around, keeping you in the know about your credit score whenever you need it.

How does Noddle make its money?

We receive a small commission from product providers for any customer who uses our site and takes out a product and we also offer other Noddle products that you can purchase if they are of interest to you. However, there is no obligation to purchase any additional products and Customers can carry on getting their credit report and score free for life with no hidden charges.

When can I look at my report?

With Noddle, your credit report and score is updated every 30 days for as long as you remain a Noddle customer. You have free access to your credit report and credit score so you can look at it as often as you want, there are no restrictions; we'd recommend you check it regularly just as you'd do with your bank statement or utility bills.

What information do I need to sign-up?

You'll need to provide us with a few personal details and answer a couple of questions about your financial history so we can find your report.

Your address: You'll need at least three years of address history and to have financial accounts such as a credit card or loan or mortgage accounts linked to your current address.

A debit or credit card: We only use your card to securely identify you. You won't be charged.

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